Appendix 3 – Ducyes & Ducies of London

1524– estimated birth, probably at Walsall, of Henry (2) Ducye, 2nd son of James (1), and a grandson of Henry (1). Unlike his wealthy father and brother (Richard, heir) he does not appear in any Walsall land records, suggesting that he probably moved to London early to pursue a career.

1550 -1570 — Henry moves to London and joins the Merchant Taylors’ Company, which by then had evolved into an organization of English merchants, trading world-wide.

1571, July 02 — Henry marries Mary Hardy, daughter and later heir of Robert Hardy of London. They will have four sons and four daughters. Henry dies in 1587.
Family of Henry (2) Ducye and and Mary Hardy — London

1575, 29 May — birth of Robert (1), Ducye, 1st son and heir. In 1608 he marries Elizabeth Pyott, dtr. of a London alderman. Like his father, he had a successful financial career with Merchant Taylors. Robert served several London wards as an alderman from 1620-31; appointed Sheriff of London 1620; created a Baronet by Charles I in November 1629 and appointed to a one-year term as Lord Mayor of London in 1631. Known as a banker to the King, he was said to have loaned Charles I a sum of 80,000 British pounds. He owned several manor estates during his lifetime, as well as a minor property at Walsall. A donor to churches and hospitals, he was also a governor of the British East Indies Co., a subsidiary of Merchant Taylors, 1621-29. He died 12 July 1634 and was buried at London’s St. Lawrence Jewry. Wife Elizabeth died in 1636 and was also buried there.

1578 — Henry (3) , 2nd son, born in London. In 1619 he joined the East India Company. Historian Collins wrote that he was President of the East Indies Council when he died, unmarried, at Sarrat, East Indies, in November, 1627.

1579 — John, also known as Hugh, 3rd son, b. in London. He marries Sarah Fischer, no children. Upon death of his brother Robert, Hugh becomes 2nd Baronet, Lord Ducie. On the coronation day of King Charles II in 1661, along with nephew William, he is appointed a Knight of Bath. Hugh dies in 1662 and is buried at Tortworth manor.
No date — James (2) Ducye is said to be the 4th son,. Unmarried, he is reported as slain in Virginia, circa 1610 – 1621, probably while in employ of a Merchant Taylor’s subsidiary.
Peerage Historian Collins lists the four daughters of Henry Ducye and Mary Hardy as: dtr 1) “ ______, married to William Gelthorpe, of Merchant Taylors; dtr 2) ________married first, to ____ Scudmore, secondly to _______ Davis; dtr. 3) Jane, wife of John Bott, and Ellen, married to Rawlins.”

Descendants of Sir Robert Ducey and Elizabeth Pyott
c. 1611 –birth of Richard (2) Ducie, 1st son and heir. Becomes 2nd Baronet Ducie upon death of father Robert in 1634; Sheriff of Gloucestershire 1637-38. Ardent supporter of Charles I, he is politically persecuted during English Civil War, briefly imprisoned. He dies, unmarried, in March, 1656.

1612 — birth of 2nd son, William. William marries Frances Seymour, dtr. of Lord Seymour. They left no heirs. Upon the death of brother Richard, he becomes the 3rd Baron Ducie in

1656. Along with his uncle Hugh, he is appointed a Knight of Bath in 1662. King Charles II also created him Viscount Downe of Ireland.

c. 1614 — birth of 3rd son, Henry (3). He may have died in childhood, ahead of his father, Sir Robert, whose 1634 will did not mention him.

1617 — birth of 4th son, Robert (2). He marries Mary Lowe and they have three children, Elizabeth, who is heir and will outlive her brothers Robert (3) and Richard (3). Robert (2) prevails upon his father to give him the manor of Aston Parva.
Robert (3) and Richard (3) are still alive in 1663, gut believed deceased with no heirs by

1701. They are listed in the History of Extinct and Dormant Baronatage (1884) respectively as the 4th and 5th Baronets Ducie. Although not recorded, the birth date of daughter Elizabeth could be circa 1640.

1654 — death of Robert(2) Ducie of little Aston at age 37.

16?7 — Elizabeth Ducie marries Edward Moreton. (marriage date could be 1657.)

1662 — Elizabeth gives birth to her only child, Matthew Ducie Moreton.

1687 — death of Edward Moreton.

1697 — death of William Ducey, 3rd Baronet at age 65. The sole surviving maleof the Robert (1) Ducie line, his estate goes to Elizabeth Ducie Moreton.

1703 — death of Elizabeth Ducie Moreton. The sole heir of the Ducie estates, her estate passes to her only son, Matthew Ducie Moreton.

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