Appendix 2 – Duceys, Ducyes in Willenhall and Walsall

1326-27 “– — Ducey,”a Norman mercenary knight, who joins the invasion contingent of John of Hainault, is rewarded with lands in Staffordshire for raising a regiment to help Queen Isabella overthrow her unpopular husband, King Edward II of England. His first name remains unknown. It is believed that these lands were between Willenhall and Walsall.

1401 — a Roger Ducye(Ducie) is recorded in a land transaction at Walsall. He is the first Ducye yet identified in Staffordshire.

1532 — Henry Ducye (1) is listed on a tax roll at Willenhall, along with wife Marjorie, sons James (1) and John (1), daughters Elizabeth and Agnes. (ed. note: I estimate James’ birth date is as circa 1520.) There is no further word of son John (1) at Willenhall or at Walsall..

1558 & 1570 — James (1) Ducye, heir of Henry (1), serves two one-year terms as Mayor of Walsall, is also a town councilor for several terms. He last appears on land records in 1584. James has two daughters by first wife Aleanor(sic) Sheffield, then marries Alice Pype(Pipe) who bears two sons. Richard (1 )and Henry (2).

1563 — James first appears on a Walsall land record. Peerage historians write that he became very rich selling off a good portion of the Ducye lands. In 1566 he leases land to son and heir, Richard.

1601 — Richard serves one term as Mayor of Walsall. He too gains substantial wealth through land sales around Walsall. He marries the daughter of Richard Bielston . There is yet no record of descendants. Described as a “wealthy merchant,” Richard Ducye’s name last appears on Walsall land records in 1618.

1571 — Henry (2), the 2nd son of James, moves to London and joins Merchant Taylors Guild. He marries Mary Hardy, a member of a notable London family. They will have four sons.

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