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No Duceys left in Ducey!

No Duceys left in Ducey! Historical sources tell us the town of Ducey dates back even earlier than  Gallic-Roman days.  The area was a battleground throughout much of its history, particularly during the Hundred Years War from 1337 to 1453, … Continue reading

How did the Ducey’s get to Ireland?

While Ireland has historical anchors going back to the First Century, it was in 1171 that Henry II of England launched the first of several invasions across the Irish Sea. By 1515, upon taking the throne, it was the turn … Continue reading

Ducey Timeline, Footnotes

Some early Ducey names and dates FRANCE (Ed. Note –We can find only rare snippets of reference to the early Norman Duceys, most of them coming from Latin texts. There are few direct linkages between these names, i.e. father to … Continue reading